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Carthage Mini Unit Study

In the Ancient Rome issue of Learning Through History magazine published in 2004, we featured a story about the Roman Scipio Africanus and his battles with the Carthaginians in the First and Second Punic Wars fought between the ancient powers of Rome and Carthage. Because that particular issue was about Rome, we really didn’t discuss Carthage in any depth. So who were the Carthaginians? How did a group of Phoenician settlers in North Africa build a kingdom that controlled vast territory in the Mediterranean world? In this edition of the newsletter, we pull together some resources to help young people learn more about Carthage and its role in the ancient world in the Punic Wars and beyond.

In this mini unit study, you can: read about the history of the Phoenicians and get an overview of Carthaginian history, learn more about the actual city of Carthage, find out what daily life in Carthage was like, examine a map of Carthage’s empire at its peak, view a timeline of Carthaginian events, see pictures of artifacts from Carthage in modern-day Tunisia, learn about the Phoenician alphabet in a lesson plan for younger students and for older students, role-play your way through the Punic Wars from the perspective of either Hannibal or the Romans.


The Phoenicians and Carthage (younger children)

Very short summary for kids

The Phoenicians (older students)

History of the Phoenicians

Brief history of Carthage (with photos)

Carthage historical overview

The city of Carthage

Carthage the city

Carthaginian life

What life was like in Carthage

Maps, Timelines and Photos

Map of the Carthaginian Empire


Timeline of Carthaginian history


Photos of Carthaginian artifacts in modern-day Tunisia

Photos with descriptions

Activities and Projects

Lesson plan for elementary students on the Phoenician alphabet

The Phoenicians and the Beginning of the Alphabet

Role-play your way through the Punic Wars (w/overview of the wars) for middle and high school students

Why Did they Do That? Takes on the Punic Wars

Recommended Resource

The Young Carthaginian

Set in ancient times during the Punic wars, this story for young readers ages 9-12 follows the adventures of Malchus, an officer in Hannibal's army. His tale describes the army's incredible journey through southern Europe and across the Alps in fascinating detail, providing both a lesson in ancient history and an absorbing story. The balance of power in Europe swayed between Rome and Carthage and the outcome of this struggle would determine the course of Western Civilization. (Alibris)

Authors: G.A. Henty
List Price $16.95 Amazon Price: $11.43

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