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The Vikings Mini Unit Study

The Vikings - the name alone conjures up frightening images of war-like Norseman in elaborate longboats striking terror into the hearts of townsman and villagers who lived along the coasts and riverbanks throughout Europe. The Viking raids are believed to have begun in the 800's as a response to overpopulation and scarcity of lands in the North (present-day Norway, Sweden and Denmark) and continued, along with the establishment of Viking trade and trade routes, as a quest to gain material wealth.

By 1050 AD, the Viking raids had come to an end. A number of factors contributed to the end of the Viking-era raids - chief amongst them was the conversion of the Nordic rulers and their peoples to Christianity, along with the established settlement of the Norseman in lands throughout Western Europe.

In this mini unit study, you can: take a fantastic seven-part voyage throughout the lands of the Norseman, learn Viking facts, read a medieval Norse saga, find out how, when and why the Vikings came to North America, hear a first-hand account of a Viking raid, tour a Viking town and farmhouse, take a scientific look at Britain's Viking past, write your name in Runes, play the Viking Quest game, plan a complete Viking lesson and make a Viking costume.


Take this seven-part voyage and learn about the archaeological finds regarding Viking life, read about Norse history, hear the sagas that poetically tell the stories, and understand how their environment may have influenced the Vikings:

The Viking Voyage


For younger kids, here are some concise, easy-to-read facts about the Vikings:

Viking facts


Read The Life and Death of Cormac the Skald, a medieval Norse saga:

Norse Saga

The Vikings in North America

North America


Primary Sources

Read eyewitness accounts of Viking raids:

Viking raids



Explore a real Viking village near modern-day Stockholm, Sweden:

Explore a Viking village

Take a virtual tour of a Viking farmhouse in Britain:

Viking farmhouse


Explore the scientific evidence of Britain's Viking past:

Scientific evidence

Write your names in Runes:


Play the Viking Quest game

Play game

Lesson Plan

A super five-part complete lesson plan on the Vikings from Ireland. It has good discussion questions, more activity suggestions and some primary source material is included:

Lesson plan


Make a complete Viking costume out of household items: 

Viking costume

Recommended Resource

Odin's Family: Myths of the Vikings

Continuing along with the subject of mythology from last months's newsletter issue, we now turn our attention to the mythology of the Vikings - Norse mythology.

Although there are many books about Norse mythology for children on the market, I think this volume of fifteen myths adapted from the Icelandic Edda Prose (Snorri Sturluson - 1179-1241) is the smartest and has a captivating visual appeal for both children and parents alike. The book also includes background information on the Edda Prose, as well a list of gods and goddesses in the Norse pantheon.

Book (Hardcover)
Authors: Neil Philip, Maryclare Foa

Lists at: $19.95, Amazon Price: $13.97

Read more about the book on Amazon

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